Welcome to the Melfort United Church!! Please have a look at our website for answers to many questions you may have.

Minister's Message
Melfort-Ethelton Pastoral Charge
Sunday Service @ 10:30 am

My Dear Friends,


As Minister of Melfort United Church, Melfort-Ethelton Pastoral Charge, I would like to officially welcome you to our church website.


As you surf through the various items on this site, you will hopefully discover that we are a congregation committed to the Christian faith and dedicated to the proclamation of the holistic gospel of Christ, starting from where we are, and spreading far and wide.  We see ourselves as deeply rooted in the belief that we are called to maintain the worship of God and fellowship with one another in a way that welcomes everyone to exercise talents and gifts.


Again I say, welcome and be enriched.


Reverend Emmanuel Menyereye







Monday, March 26th

            @ 2:00 pm Naomi Unit


Wednesday, March 28th

           @7:00 pm Choir


 Thursday, March 29th

            FundScrip Deadline

@ 4:15 pm Bell Choir

@ 6:00 pm Supper followed by Maundy Thursday Worship Service and Communion


Friday, March 30th

@10:00 am Good Friday Community Worship Service @ Melfort UC